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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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inspirational. >> in the meantime tucker barnes standing by we have been dealing with dense fog out there, good morning tucker. >> you got it tony, in spots, visibility less than a quarter mile, fog will burn off shortly hanging tough across the area. over to hd radar we are not looking at me, looking at rain looking at fog, yellows, oranges, red, indicating areas where visibility is less than a mile darker colors, montgomery county, western maryland, visibility less than a quarter mile. fog with us for the morning hours and then we will get the chance to lose thing the but then showers back. look at the rain showers approaching from the south and west, going to be a rather warm day, a lot of clouds around temperatures expected to be mid- 70s and bring along an umbrella just in case periods of rain
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around, evening rush hour as we watch from the south and west temperature currently, 65, regan national, humidity 100%, causing the fog, winds out of the north and east, forecast today lots of clouds around afternoon showers likely 80% chance of a little rain highs mid-70s. more details on the forecast, head to the weekend in just a couple minutes back to you guys. thanks. we begin with breaking developments out of iran two american hikers who spent more than two years in prison there are free men released more than an hour ago after a million dollar bail agreement was approved. fox news is one of several media outlets reporting they left the jail. oman sent a private plane to iran in anticipation of their release they were arrested two
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years ago and charged as spies a third hiker was released last year. other top story, president obama, at the united nations today he is getting ready to give a big speech to hundreds of world leaders, gathered for the united nations general assembly meeting. >> he has a full schedule sitting down with ten world leaders, sarah simmons back in studio with more. well, among those ten world leaders he is meeting, president obama with heads of israel and palestinian authority he is hoping to avoid a diplomatic show down between them palestinian president, is said to ask the un to recognize palestine as an independent country president obama will try to convince the palestinian president not to make his request if he does the u.s. will be in the difficult position to use its veto. meanwhile yesterday, president
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obama sat down with libya's rebel leader and said the world would stand beside the libyans as they rebuild the country. >> united states lead the effort to pass a historic resolution at the security council authorizing all necessary measures to protect the libyan people. when the civilians were threat ped with a massacre we exercised that authority this is is how the international community should work in the 21st century. more nations baring the responsibility and costs of meeting global challenges. in fact, this is the very purpose of this united nations. >> now as far as the palestinians go, he may get nonvoting observer status how dc delegate has a seat in congress but can't vote. he will likely get it in general assembly where there is a lot of support among the 193
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member states. >> sarah thank you. set back for the white house, top executives for the solar panel company now say they will not answer questions, at a congressional enquiry they are going to plead the fifth they earlier said they would talk about how the company legitimately got $500 million in loan guaranteed from the obama administration they went bankrupt and were raided by the fbi last week. special primary election in prince georges county yesterday to fill leslie johnson's vacant seat. leon davis is the winner he got a lot of support from local leaders, that seems to have given davis the push to win yesterday's primary leslie johnson you will remember stepped down in june after pleading guilty to evidence tampering. in the district the city
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council will consider several ethics reform proposals one backed by vincente orange would limit future council members to two terms he dropped another idea to ban councilmembers from holding outside jobs, in return for a $45,000 pay increase, vincente orange joins us from the wilson building. good morning sir, good to see you. >> good morning tony how are you? >> doing quite well, want to talk to you about the latest out of yesterday's council meeting, yesterday the council approved the tax increase on the wealthiest residents, you and four other local members voted against this increase we are in trying economic times why did you vote against it. >> well, first of all tony, it was six member offs the council voted against the increase, $106 million increase is not going to go to help citizens that really need the help it will go to fund less than 3% of the population that purchased bonds from other states.
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and we thought that was irresponsible when we still have problems dealing with housing production trust fund we are not supporting the homeless project, not supporting our disability needs so, irresponsible, legislation enacted yesterday, especially in light of the fact dr. ghandi indicated we have 89 million additional dollars and could solve that problem, by expanding $18 million of that available. >> there are other ways to get needed money and better ways to spend that money. >> absolutely if you are going to raise taxes we should raise taxes to address some of the needs of our vulnerable population those that need housing jobs bill to help connect our residents with jobs coming online to train our residents things of that nature not take $106 million to turn around and support those who have adjusted to growth income
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in excess of $200,000. yesterday you withdrew your proposal to increase councilmember salaries, $45,000 a year did you think that would fly in these tough times and is it something that you are likely to revisit? >> no, not at all tony actually, i never withdrew it because i never introduced it. actually it was through discussions trying to get some of the council members, who hold outside employment to buy into a full time employment as councilmember when it became crystal clear they would not support the legislation it was no need to offer them that olive branch and now just let it go through the process after council votes for it hopefully they will pass that legislation it will go to the citizens of district of columbia, ward 3 democrats several weeks ago enacted a resolution calling for council members to have full time employment, to devote
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100% of their time to citizens of the district of columbia, and the problems that we now face. >> you support that and also are still calling for term limits, correct? >> absolutely calling for term limits we think the time has come, 1994, 62% of the citizens of district of columbia, voted in favour of term limits we are operating under a cloud of allegations, unethical behaviour, and so we need to chart a new course for citizens of the district of columbia, we need to change the paradigm and can do that enacting term limits and making sure council members are full time employees and dedicating all their time and effort to problems of the district of columbia. >> i have to quickly ask you one last question yesterday's meeting was contentious, people highly upset with each other, jack evans at one point said this was the worst council he has ever served on is it the
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worst council you have served on? is this council becoming dysfunctional? >> i served on the best council in district of columbia, 1998 to 2007 when we took this city from $518 million deficit to excess of $1.6 billion in our fund reserve we are looking at a fund reserve unacceptable to wall street, so we need to get our act together and really come together and make sure, that we are not here for personal interests we are here for the general welfare of the citizens of the district of columbia, it is time we start acting pursuant to that mission. >> council member orange thank you for your time. >> thank you very much sir. >> alison. >> the big story, two prince georges county police officers indited a year and a half after a beating of a university of maryland student, it happened
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after a big win, now the latest developments. good morning alison this has been a long time in the making well over a year ago this incident took place. i have often been up here reporting on problems during riots, students arrested but this this case police are charged with wrong doing march 3rd, 2010, they beat duke and students poured out on the street, police were out in force as they usually are to dissuade students from participating in acts of violence or discorruption. a student -- disruption, a student with video equipment caught two officers beating a university of maryland student, john mckenna it doesn't show that he did anything to warrant this police aggression. >> this is an outrage, he will never forget it, how it will
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manifest in the future, only the future will tell us. >> safety of our community depends so much on the quality work of members of prince georges county police department charging any officer with a crime is not a decision i make lightly. >> now officers baker and harrison are charged with assault they are charged with misconduct nearly two dozen students were charged that day a third officer involved in this beating has not yet been charged investigation ongoing. reporting live, stacy cohen back to you. >> thank you. international out cry against a man to be executed in georgia. >> strategy from the kennedy era, operation twist could it help the economy get back on track we will check with fox business network for insight
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an assassination in afghanistan forced president karzai to cut short his un visit the former president was killed by a suicide bomber, heading karzai's peace council and his death throws doubt into ending the mideast conflict it raises issues about security in kabul the second attack in the heavily fortified green zone in the last week. >> gentleman man is about to take a direct -- japan is about to take a direct hit from a typhoon it has dumped heavy rain on the main island, more than a million people were ordered to evacuate ahead of the storm for the next three days heavy rains, high winds are expected to cause widespread damage and cripple
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the disaster area. a man is set to be executed in georgia despite international out cry against the doubts raised about his guilt. he was denied clemency his fourth execution date in four years will go forward. lauren green reports. >> the board considered the totality of tin formation presented in the case and thoroughly deliberated on it after which the decision was to deny clemency. >> reporter: troy davis is set to die by lethal injection in jackson georgia he was convicted in 1991 for the 1989 death of an off duty police officer who was shot and killed running to assist a man being attacked. several victims who convicted him recanted. >> given the level of doubt that exists in the case we believe an execution is not
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appropriate. >> reporter: the officers family says after more than two decades, justice will finally be served. >> not just my father was taken by the future we would have had together was taken and his future was taken. >> he was found guilty we need to go ahead and execute. be done. >> reporter: many around the world have spoken out in favour of a davis pardon including former president jimmy carter and pope benedict the 16th, nearly one million people signed a petition seeking clemency >> we can't believe the board of pardons and parole is allowing a person to go to his death despite the fact that serious doubts about his death remain. rallies in support of davis
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are taking place around the world. one today will begin at the flag pole, howard university at noon they will march to the white house and capitol. >> on capitol hill the gop controlled house is set to pass $3.7 billion in disaster relief. it is part of a bill to avert a government shut down end of the month the move would put house republicans at odds with the democratic lead senate where hairy reed wants -- harry reed wants to double that amount. >> president obama heads to cincinnati he is scheduled to visit a concrete plant, near an ailing bridge in need of major work. the jobs act he is urging congress to pass will help pay the $2 billion price tag to replace that bridge and other projects around the country. >> also topping economic news looking ahead to a big decision, lauren with fox business network joins us live from new york with more on
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that. lauren, reaching way back into the playbook to help us out economically. channeling the 1960s the fed has a bunch of tools in its tool box to stimulate the economy whether they choose to use them or not is being debated but we will find out 2:15 p.m. eastern time today consensus on wall street is that, ben bernanke and the fed will do something they have not done since 1960, called operation twist named after the chubby checker song a complicated way of bringing down long term interest rates by twisting them, with short term rates that is something the fed could do whether they will we are not certain markets completely standing still waiting for that decision later this afternoon. basically, just trying to stave off another recession, right? >> yeah we keep getting
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warnings every day imf saying chances of the u.s. as well as europe heading into a second economic recession, could happen. the likelihood of the double dip is growing. >> we had news of a down grade in italy, now just seems to be sort of a domino effect, tell us about what is happening overseas. >> yeah, that is the fear the domino effect that is a great way to put it yes, italy was down graded by standard & poors, spreading to spain and italy and beyond the latest now is fears of a credit crunch what we are seeing in europe banks starting to put their money european central bank parking it in basically the safest place vailable europe's central bank instead of lending it to one another that is when credit dries up that is the fear we don't want to see happen. slowly we are starting to see
9:21 am
that the latest is one bank in europe, made a 7 day loan to a single bank for $500 million. >> you make it seem all so simple if only we could have simple solutions we appreciate you braking it down. all right a power outage planned for part of our viewing area this weekend it will last several hours we've got what you need to know coming up next after the break. african children's choir is here with us, we will talk with them, and hear some of them, just singing performing, lifting spirits all for a good cause they raise a lot of money for countries in need. >> looking forward to that. first. here is today's trivia question which actor worked in new york city central park zoo trying to make it in show business. sill sister stallone --
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sylvester stallone, nicklas cage, denzel washington. fox 5 morning news is back after the break 9:21 a.m. q
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hats off for folks downtown frederick, allegheny power is planning a power outage sunday night, 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. monday. the company says 115 customers will be effected, the outages are part of aphis canister replacement program. -- a fuse canister replacement program. st. georges county, grace period is over. today the county will issue a $40 fine for vehicles travelling 12 miles per hour or more above the speed limit. starting tomorrow 8 cameras will be installed near other county schools. dc taxi drivers have filed
9:26 am
a lawsuit against mayor grey and dc taxi commission claims meter rates a arbitrarily set and costing drivers as much as 30 of their income. the lawsuit claims the mayor failed to appoint proper representatives of the cab industry to the taxi commission. >> i love this story. dozens of moms from around the country a about to go bald happening today in the district part of the st. baldwick's foundation charity event 46 women are having their heads shaved to raise money for childhood cancer research the goal is to raise $1 million. on average, 46 families get the news their child has cancer, each week day. that is fantastic i would be a part of that if i could. >> hopefully we will get pictures. repeal of don't ask don't
9:27 am
tell, prompted one soldier to come out to his family. video of that tense moment is making the rounds on the internet. >> close encounter with a bear, what these guys were thinking fox 5 morning news will be back. 9:26 a.m. now q ughhh.
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trash builds up and can make your dishwasher smell. over time, grease and residue get stuck inside. for an intensive clean, use finish dishwasher cleaner. it's taking out the trash for your dishwasher. the official repeal of don't ask don't tell went into effect midnight yesterday. >> one u.s. soldier in germany used the big day to come out to his father alabama. video is now making the rounds on the internet >> can i tell you something? >> yeah. >> will you love me? serious? >> yes. >> like you will always love me as long as -- >> of course. >> dad i'm gay. do you still love me? >> i still love you son.
9:31 am
>> the unidentified soldier created his youtube channel in august for people still in the closet about their sexuality. first he told his colleagues in stages and then came the call to his dad. we have an update on the stafford county teen who got into big trouble for running across the field at a recent high school football game, dressed in a banana costume he was suspended from high school for 10 days but yesterday he got a let fresh the principal she recommend he be suspended for rest of the year the letter claims brian disobeyed an administrator was disrespectful disruptive of an activity and refused to follow directions the case is being referred to the sheriff's department for possible action. brian's mom believes the issue is with brian having as burgers
9:32 am
sin droll a high functioning form -- syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. all right. oh, are we -- yeah, i thought we showed this earlier. cameras were rolling saturday [ laughter ] >> i got it on video. >> i got this on video. this bear about to eat me. >> tony. >> give me another beer. cameras were rolling saturday as a dad and his adult son sat down feet away from a bear in fairfax virginia. >> i am not watching the. >> the bear takes a couple bites on the dad's boot. >> gently. >> that is how it begins. >> you got to be a little partial. the bear approached them they were hanging out. >> he is hanging out edge of the woods. >> you are not supposed to run from a bear. come on alison give it a chance. >> edge of the woods. >> they were hanging out fishing you are not supposed to run from a bear everyone has a
9:33 am
bone in their pocket so obviously. give it a chance alison. all right. >> no. >> okay. all right. >> it gets no chance. >> i understand what you are saying. >> everyone wants to shoot everything now with their camera but at some point you got to think, how do we get out of this situation. instead of just shooting it. >> this is what you choose to go off on? >> if you had a bear approach you, you would probably want to video tape it too. >> i don't believe so. >> if i had a video camera, a big professional one i would put the camera down and leave slowly. >> okay. >> you are not supposed to run from a bear. >> yes. >> they can track you down. >> aren't you supposed to curl up in a fetal position. >> i don't like watching this, but i hear what you are saying. >> keep your distance from bears. >> put in differently. >> hey, staying unsettled, rain on the way, it will be in here,
9:34 am
later, this afternoon, not so much the morning but as we get into the afternoon hours scattered showers, as approaching from the south and west, guess what more and more rain. 66 right now regan national, 66 gaithersburg. 68 leonard town one more time for you, the fog locally dense in spots should burn off shortly, a few spots, visibility less than a mile still a little fog hanging out 56 martins burg and thinking, maybe, you know, your guess is as good as mine temperatures may get up into mid-70s. yesterday parts of the area, upper 70s but places where the clouds held thick, temperatures only 70, sentinel radar nothing inside the belt way off to the east, one or two light sprinkles towards annapolis, prince georges county, charles county, look what is lurking south and west, shower activity, and maybe a few
9:35 am
thunderstorms particularly west, that is all headed in our direction later today it is not going to rain all day but definitely be prepared for the possibility of a few showers, from time to time during the course of the afternoon i think they will linger into the evening rush as you can see track is up into the washington area. with this southerly flow, we will do this, friday can be a wet one period of heavy rain thunderstorms in here friday afternoon lots of clouds around maybe 80% chance definitely an umbrella, 76 daytime high winds south, 5 to 10. few early showers, 68 your overnight low winds out of your south, 5 miles per hour if you like rain or a duck you are going to love the next couple days, friday too, here is the hope, that saturday and sunday, we get the rain out of here clouds still stick around, maybe the rain will get out of here for the weekend we will dry things out eventually. >> all right. >> okay. >> be prepared.
9:36 am
>> yeah, not like the deluge from the couple weeks ago. >> time to talk with tmz. >> all right. dax joining us live from los angeles good morning dax what's going on? >> good morning how are you guys? >> doing okay thanks want to talk about char lie sheen we all watched the emmy's when he played nice nice on stage what is the fall out? what is the latest now? >> well, he is apparelly happy guy he is getting -- a really happy guy he is getting quite the pay out ending two and a half men he stopped before the season was over he said look i could have finished the season warner brothers needs to finish my pay checks millions and millions warner brothers said no they came to a settlement he gets $25 million as initial settlement payment over the next 7 to 10 years over $100 million. >> what? >> for not working.
9:37 am
>> in money from that show. >> i call that winning. >> that is winning. >> yeah. >> and apparently he really likes the first premier episode with ashton cupper on it he said it was -- kucher on it he sat down and watched it he loved seeing his ashes explode in the entrance of ashton kucher he is taking it all in stride he gets $100 million for not doing anything. >> unbelievable. >> and unfair too. >> i am blown away by that. >> okay. >> i should have taken some acting lessons and well, i just should have been charlie sheen i suppose. >> another thing unbelievable is that the salahi story is not ending. >> near and dear to our hearts. >> right so now, apparently he is calling her a groupie, saying she would maybe hook up with band members, you know, neil is not the first person she has hooked up with, but here is the interesting thing a
9:38 am
photo surfaced of steven tyler we are not saying she hooked up with him but a photo surfaced of these two posing together, steven showing off his abs but he is saying there was a moment they went to this aerosmith concert five years ago she disappeared over an hour he couldn't find her went backstage was able to secure the entire backstage tour passes for the entire tour. >> she is good at that. >> and he is going how did she do this. so never the less, i think there will be more stories popping up about these two and the nasty divorce they are going through and the fact she is hooking up with the guy from journey. you know. >> the guy from journey. sounds like some sort of weird reality show. >> it really does. i don't think they could have planned this any better because you know they obviously enjoy a
9:39 am
anyone else, and this one, has just steam rolled out of control. >> dax, amazing, but as long as they are doing things like that we will see you next week. >> bye guys. i personally can't wait for the next shoe to drop. >> really? >> when i heard about his comments about her yesterday i had a good laugh. >> craziness tony to you what is the world coming to. >> you are asking me? we can take about that for 20 minutes. >> if you are looking for work there is a job fair under way in our area we will tell you what you need to know after the break. >> an enormous let down for a woman who thought she won the lottery should she get some cash any way full story up next on fox 59:39 a.m.
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>> unemployment a problem here in the u.s., aldi is bringing jobs to dc, maryland, virginia, they are looking for cashiers, shift managers, trainees the job fair is under way now, there is another way 4 to 7 this afternoon, marriott courtyard, capitol, north 2nd street, southeast,. maryland woman went to sleep saturday night thinking that she just had a little relief in her bills and that good stuff she won $2,600 is what she thought in maryland's pick 4 lottery. >> she woke up sunday to find the numbers were changed she even checked the newspaper which showed heroining numbers but seems maryland lottery officials made the mistake posting the numbers on their website. she wants the lottery to pay up any way and i think they should. >> all right we are helping you
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save cash with my fox half off today's deal 50% off carpet cleaning from be clean six areas cleaned including deodorizer for $60. go to check out my fox half off on the right of the page. >> highly anticipated new show hits prime time, simon cowell once again in the spotlight for x factor, what is this new show about will it work we have a little 101, on x factor coming up after the break. >> then a very talented group of children join us here in studio there they are now we will talk with the african children's choir, they travel all over the world we will hear them perform live. raise money for charity wait until you hear coming back 
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simon cowell, paula abdul return to prime time for x factor. >> that is reason enough alone to tune in paul. the intensity of the music and an mission i think it will be -- animation, i think it will be good the show has been a hit for steven years in the uk. the show is coming across the pond looking for performers with the undeniable something. all morning long we have been looking at what makes this different other than the main differences of the $5 million recording contract, the age limit is 12 and up making for younger and older singers and they compete with four judges that is the big difference we have all seen paula and simon what about these new kids, l.a.
9:49 am
reed is one of the judges and she is described as a writer, producer, performer, label executive, he worked with some names you might have heard of, jayz, mariah carey, justin bieber he will not back down with simon a sight to see. another new name nicole, interesting insight judge her career started on a reality singing competition when she was auditions for pop stars, which was a show, back in 2001, after the group disbanded she is noun for being on pus -- known for being on pussycat dolls we will see if she sympathizes with those auditions. and steve jones, a model from wales who is described as a cheerleader for singers. a break down of the not so familiar faces they are being
9:50 am
secretive about what happens tonight, there is an x rated audition, we will find out what that means and there is cameras around the arena, contestants might not know they are being filmed and they have mentioned a few celebrities that might be a part of the season, one is mariah carey. over to you. paul thank you very much. there is a lot of excitement here in the studio. >> so sweet in here. all right get -- i don't want to be in front of anybody be ready to be inspired a group of young and talented children from the poorest countrys on the planet i hate to say that, they are here with us today to help their homeland. >> these kids travel all around the world serving as ambassadors of peace and joy performing for officials, dignitary is, look at the smiles on their faces here to tell us about the african children's choir the mary, the
9:51 am
conductor and the leader john paul thank you for joining us. for those unfamiliar with the group tell us a little bit about where everyone is from and what it is you do. >> we are all from uganda the children are ages 8 to 12. >> mm-hmm. >> they sing, dance, and we travel all over the united states, and we are the organization, currently, operating in 7 different countrys in africa, south africa, nigeria, ghana. >> for 26 years, one form or another of the choir has been out and raising consciousness and money why is this money so desperately needed? >> this money helps educate children from primary to college once they do that they
9:52 am
become role models of their communities to make africa a better place they all have dreams some want to be teachers, doctors, lawyers this is one way to inspire them. >> because education is not free. >> it is not free. >> we take it so much foregranted here think about that we take it foregranted yet it is not free so that they can go to school they travel the world. >> yes >> look at -- mike is panning across the group look at these beautiful faces and your smiles are beautiful we are so happy you are here you are going to do something for us now before you do that i want to let everyone know you are performing in chantilly, tonight,. >> at the grace covenant church brook field corporate drive, chantilly, 7:15 p.m. tonight. >> then after that i know you are going to pennsylvania, baltimore we will have information on our website so you can catch up with them what do you want to do for us now. >> we would like to share a song with you.
9:53 am
>> sure. >> let's listen to the african children's choir. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. >> in football you know it is dallas week the red skins are gearing up to take on the cowboys, catch the game on my 20, monday night kick off 8:30 a.m., following the game be sure to tune into fox 5, for live post game show. i think the post game is on my 20 be sure to watch that. >> all right it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, melanie, from fredericksburg virginia she and her husband are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary
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today, congratulations to them if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to our facebook page and post a comment. >> let's answer the trivia question we ask which actor worked in new york city's central park zoo trying to make it into sow business the answer is, sylvester, rocky stallone. >> did not know that. >> part of his job was sweep out the lion cages where he got tough for the rocky series. five day forecast. rain showers on our door step, south and west moving through later this afternoon definitely need an umbrella, not only the next couple days by friday we night have a good soaking rain around here and a little more sunshine maybe we will be able to take the rain out of the forecast, temperatures mid-70s. >> sunnier for a brief people moment. >> we want to thank the african


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